Conference on the Financial Regulation of Digital Assets.

October 2019

A global conference on digital assets and the banking system.

We have designed this conference as a substantive gathering of experts to showcase groundbreaking research, engage in spirited discussion, and produce a series of inputs into the work of lawmakers, regulators, and other officials in the FinTech space. We want to consolidate our learning and inform regulators from countries that have not yet established a fintech regulatory regime.

This convening power breaks down the barriers that separate companies in the industry and allows everyone working on financial regulation, payments, and banking to learn from their peers. The richness and diversity of our speakers reflect many different aspects of this space. Our attendees include experts from enterprise blockchain, payment providers, crypto startups, policymakers and cross-industry pioneers. A large number of our participants are banking lawyers.

Topics include:

  • Payments Regulation and Crypto
  • Challenger Banks / Sponsorship Model
  • Global Trends in the Regulation of Crypto (from a US perspective).
  • Overview of financial regulation of crypto in the EU, UK, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Mexico, and Thailand
  • Banking and Crypto: Prudential Regulation of Digital Assets
  • Whether trading of crypto should take place in exchanges or at banks like FX trading desks
  • Crypto Exchanges, Shadow Banking and the Spectre of 2008
  • How Digital Assets Are Changing Banking
  • Anti-Money Laundering in the Age of Digital Assets